10kw/15kw 220V/240V/360V wind generator horizontal for sale(Place Of Origin:China (mainland) Brand Name:Cat )
  • 10kw/15kw 220V/240V/360V wind generator horizontal for sale,on grid & off grid,free energy generator/windmill/wind turbine,HAWT
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  • Region:China
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Product Detail
Quick Details
  • Place Of Origin:China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:Cat
  • Model Number:Cat-15kw
  • Type:Wind Power Generator
  • Generator:3phase Permanent Mangnet Generator
  • Blades:3 Pcs Strenghthened Form Made By Hand
  • Controller:Solar And Wind Hybrid Controller
  • Inverter:Pure Sine Wave Invertor
  • Type Oftower:Guys Tower Or Free Stand Tower
  • Tower Hight:15m
  • System:Off-grid Or On-grid
  • Model:Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
  • Construction:Permanent Magnetic
  • Warranty:3 Years
IEC 61400-2 compliant small wind turbine
25 years lifespan
40% more electricity generated
wind generator horizontal for sale

CAT-10kw/15KW wind generator horizontal

 IEC 61400-2 compliant small wind turbine


10kw/15kw wind genertor horizontal---Overview


CAT wind generators is the conversion of wind energy into mechanical energy first and electric energy afterwards.


This equipment can fully make use of wind power to recharge a battery, and also can saved energy into ac source alternating current.


Without the necessity of fuel, the CAT wind generators is pollution free and far away from noise.


It is generally applicable to the area which has good condition but is far away from the power grid, or the power grid is not normal.


The equipment can supply lighting, the television set, the searchlight, the communication equipment, the power tool and other household appliances.




10kw/15kw Wind generator horizontal--Installation 


The CAT wind turbines generator is offered with a tower in heights from 10m (33ft) and higher. 


These kits are easy to install and we offer customers a complete "ready to install" kit.


The CAT wind turbines generator is offered with all the accessories for installation including generator ,blades, tail, nose cone, controller, invertor ,tower. Bolts, cables, anchors etc.


But Batteries suggest customer buy from local. Customers can choose buy any parts of the system.


15kw/10kw wind generator horizontal--off-grid system



10kw/15kw Wind generator horizontal--Accesseries



CAT-15KW Wind generator horizontal Technical Parameter
Blades rotor diameter                       8m ( 26.24 ft.)
Blade material and quantity                     3 Pcs / FRP   made by hand                         
Rated power15KW
Max power                                         20KW
Rated rotate speed                 200(r/min)
Start Torque9.6(N.M)
Generator Type                                  PMG AC Direct Drive
Optional Output Voltage(DC)240-500V
Start up wind speed                                  3 m/s ( 6.72 mph)
Rated wind speed                              11m/s ( 24.64mph)
Working wind speed4-25m/s (8.96-56 mph)
MAX.Design wind speed                         50m/s (112mph)
Tower Height15m ( 49.2 ft)higher available
Top Weight1350kg
ControllerOFF-Grid Hybrid charging controller with 30% solar
InvertorOFF-Grid Invertor Rating 15kva
Dump loader rating30KW
Protection method                                                       Autofurling +PWM+3Phase unloading system

CAT-10KW Wind generator horizontal Technical Parameter

Blades rotor diameter                                                        

7m ( 22.96 ft.)

Blade material and quantity                            

3 Pcs / FRP   made by hand                        

Rated power


Max power                                                              


Rated rotate speed                                                  


Start Torque


Generator Type                                                          

PMG AC Direct Drive

Optional Output Voltage(DC)


Start up wind speed                                                    

3 m/s ( 6.72 mph)

Rated wind speed                                                  

12m/s ( 26.88mph)

Working wind speed

4-25m/s (8.96-56 mph)

MAX.Design wind speed              

50m/s (112mph)

Tower Height

12m ( 39.4 ft)higher available

Top Weight



OFF-Grid Hybrid charging controller with 30% solar


OFF-Grid Invertor Rating 10kva

Dump loader rating


Protection method            

Auto furling +PWM+3Phase unloading system

Suggest battery quality                    

30 pcs 12V200AH


10kw/15kw wind generator horizontal---Remark


Concern Tower---We can supply four kinds of tower for option, the advantage and disadvantage as follow:


(1)   Guy wire tower: Cheapest tower. Cheaper delivery cost, light weight. But need more space and more concrete. Above 3kw installation need crane.


(2)   Free stand tower:, more beautiful. Need small area for foundation. No push wire .need crane for installation. Expensive than guy wire tower.


(3)   Hydraulic tower: Wind power generator can be erected and laid down automatically through the appliance of hydraulic system to achieve installation and maintenance.


 So there is no need the cooperation of the crane, which will save the installation and maintenance. But more expensive than above two kinds towers.


Concern Models: If you want to find a suitable model for yourself, then please tell our sales following information :


(1)   Your annual average wind speed


(2)   The Total power of your load. And if you have motor, pump, air conditioner, please mention especially.


(3)   If this system is not for house use, it is supply power for other equipment, please mention the working time of the equipment too.

1.Optional multiple control system function, real-time monitoring the multiple control system at the same time, with well-organized and exact monitoring interface


2.In order to serve our customers better,Our company can adjust parameters configuration according to customer’s requirement.


10kw/15kw Wind generator horizontal---Please Contact  


10kw/15kw 220V/240V/360V wind generator horizontal for sale,on grid & off grid,free energy generator/windmill/wind turbine,HAWT

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